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Digital Equipments

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To cater to your varied and growing data logging needs better, we have now expanded our services in providing data logging solutions. Now we present to you a broader range of better and economical data loggers from various world leaders.

Soil Moisture and Quality Measurement

In this category we offer the following:

  • Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Watermark Adaptor
  • Watermark Sensor Digital Reader
  • FieldScout TDR 100 Soil Moisture Meter
  • FieldScout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter
  • Soil Compaction Meter

Soil Moisture Meters

WaterScout SMEC 300 Soil Moisture, Temperature, EC Sensor

Waterscout Sm 100 Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil Moisture Sensors

Crop Moisture Sensor Readers

Soil Moisture Transducers

Soil Temperature Sensors

Soil Compaction Meters

Weather and Environmental Monitoring

Our range of Weather & Environmental Monitoring is used for monitoring the temperature for environment sensitive products. These indicators are used for attached to products to ensure proper storage conditions and are available in varied specifications to meet the requirements of the clients. They are capable of recording the varied environment changes and indicated the to unacceptable temperature condition that can cause damaging of the products.

UV Meters

Portable Weather Station

Weather Stations

Digital Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

Data Loggers

Light Meters

Weather Trackers

Watch Dog Retriever and Pup Weather Stations

Integrated Pest Management Tools

Tools of IPM
  • Monitoring : Keep tracks of the pests and their potential damage. This provides knowledge about the current pests and crop situation and is helpful in selecting the best possible combinations of the pest management methods.
  • Pest resistant varieties : Breeding for pest resistance is a continuous process. These are bred and selected when available in order to protect against key pests.
  • Cultural pest control : It includes crop production practices that make crop environment less susceptible to pests. Crop rotation, cover crop, row and plant spacing, planting and harvesting dates, destruction of old crop debris are a few examples. Cultural controls are based on pest biology and development.
  • Mechanical control : These are based on the knowledge of pest behaviour. Hand picking, installation of bird perches, mulching and installation of traps are a few examples.
  • Biological control: These includes augmentation and conservation of natural enemies of pests such as insect predators, parasitoids, pathogen and weed feeders. In IPM programes, native natural enemy population are conserved and non-native agents are released with utmost caution.
  • Chemical control : Pesticides are used to keep the pest population below economically damaging levels when the pests cannot be controlled by other means. It is applied ONLY when the pest's damaging capacity is nearing to the threshold.

Weather Tracker Models

Plant Disease Forecast Models Software

WatchDog Sensors And Accessories

Manufacturer Spectrum Technologies Silicon Pyranometer Sensor to use with your WatchDog Data Logger. Works with WatchDog Logger Models 200, 225, 425, 450, Stations 2525, 2550, 2600, 2700, 2800 WatchDog Silicon Pyranometer Sensor Measures broad range of light from 300-1100nm SOLAR RADIATION
The sun radiates a broad range of light from 300-1100nm. In agriculture, this total radiation is needed primarily to calculate Evapotranspiration (ET). ET is the amount of moisture leaving the ground through evaporation (from the ground) and transpiration (from the leaves), and is dependent upon light, wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity.

  • Range 1-1250 w/m2.
  • Sensor drift is 1% per year and includes built-in level.
  • Accuracy is /- 5%. Ordering Information
  • 3670i Silicon Pyranometer Sensor.

Irrigation On/Off Sensors

Watch Dog Silicon Pyranometer Sensors

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Nutrient Management Tools

Nutrient Management is key to healthy plant growth. The right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients are essential for success, but over application can be just as detrimental as a deficiency. Improper plant nutriention not only may impair plant growth, but may contaminate groundwater or pollute surface waters. Achieving the correct balance is the focal point of nutrient measurement.

LAQUA Twin EC Meter

EC Meter With Jab Sensors

Chlorophyll Meters

LAQUA Twin Sodium Meter

USB Data Loggers

Easy Log USB Data Loggers :
  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds.
  • All data is recorded to built-in, non-volatile memory). EasyLog  Data Loggers do not lose readings when the battery is discharged or replaced.

1USB Thermocouple Data Loggers

USB Temperature Loggers

USB Thermocouple Data Loggers

Humidity Data Loggers

Deals in supplying of Humidity Data Logger Meters such as electronic humidity meters, pressure temperature, humidity meters, temperature humidity meters, digital Portable temperature, humidity data logger, and more..

USB RH And Dew Point Loggers

USB Temperature and Humdity Data Logger

LCD Data Loggers

USB Water Quality Sensors

Manufacturer : NexSens Technology, Inc. NexSens USB Water Quality Sensors offer the latest in smart sensor technology with direct computer interface.
An integral USB connector offers a simple, hassle-free connection without meters, batteries, or power supplies – displaying the data in real-time directly onto the PC. Common water quality parameters include: temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, NO3, NH4 and Cl.
Every sensor ships with WQSensor Software which offers a simple graphical interface to the smart sensors. The software includes the popular NexSens SCIENCE LIBRARY with an interactive periodic table, unit converter, and other useful science utilities.

Temperature Loggers

We offer an extensive range of Temperature Loggers which caters to the needs of various industries. Our range is compact in design, rich in feature electronic temperature monitor and is known for its cost-effectiveness. These are widely used for various purposes such as storage of perishable food goods, food & beverages, fresh fruits, fish, sea foods, dairy products and confectionery items. It can also be used in monitoring temperature for the shipment and to store certain temperature sensitive chemicals and medicines.

Temperature Data Loggers

Smart Button Temperature Logger

External Sensor Stations

Data Loggers

We offer a spectrum of Data Loggers which are appreciated by our esteemed clients for their compact design and easy maintenance. Made from premium grade raw material, these are used for on Line as well as off line data acquisition. The data loggers available with us can receive inputs from Thermocouples, RTDs as well as current and voltage. Our esteemed clients can also place bulk orders which are delivered to them in tamper-free packaging so as to prevent any kind of damage during transmit.

HOBO UX100 Data Loggers

Button Loggers

Temperature And RH Data Loggers

Temp/ RH/ Light/ External Data Loggers

Data Acquisition Systems

Electronic Software

We offer Electronic Software for Disease and Insect Models, Spec 9 Pro Software, Delphin Profi Signal, WQ Smart Sensor Powerful Software.

  • Disease and Insect Models
  • Spec 9 Pro Software
  • Delphin Profi Signal
  • WQ Smart Sensor Powerful Software

CO2 Monitors

We are providing our clients with a wide range of CO2 Monitors & Controllers (Optional) that provides one 0~10VDC analog output & one dry contact output. These monitors and controllers are used to monitor and control CO2 concentration in occupied spaces, room temperature and humidity. Providing RS485 communication with independent address to PC or other control systems, these monitors and controllers can work as a programmable logical controller to control CO2 level, temperature and humidity.

Handheld Temp / RH / CO2 Meters

Digital Panel Meters

Our customers can purchase from us high quality Digital Panel Meters, which are procured from reliable manufacturers of India. These are extensively used in both Commercial as well as Industrial Sectors for measuring the current and voltage. Provided with keypad, these meters are able to measure the range and their functions are also easily programmable. Available at competitive prices from us, these digital panel meters are known for the following features:

  • Durable
  • Optimum performance
  • Longer service life



Light Loggers

Light Logger: Typically a battery operated gizmo that makes a record of the date and time every time that the lights go ON or OFF. The Light Logger gets installed for a while near or in a light fixture. It is later retrieved and the record is downloaded to a PC for analysis.

UV Light Sensors

Water Quality

We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Water Quality such as Water Quality Analysis System, Waterproof Chlorine Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Meters from India.

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

TDS Meter

Water Quality Analysis System

ORP Meters

Supplier & Manufacturer of ORP Meters. Our product range also comprises of Weather & Environmental Monitoring, Soil Moisture & Quality Measurement and Integrated Pest Management Tools.

ORP Meters

Nitrate Meters

Manufacturer & Trader of Nitrate Meters. Our product range also comprises of Soil Moisture and Quality Measurement, Weather and Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Pest Management Tools.

Nitrate Meters

Weather Stations for Labs

Leading Manufacturer and Trader of Weather Stations for Labs such as Wind Meters and Waterproof Chlorine Meters from Ambala.

Wind Meters

Waterproof Chlorine Meters

USB Data Loggers for Temperature Measurement

Manufacturer & Trader of USB Data Loggers for Temperature Measurement & Intelligent Ethernet Thermometers. Our product range also comprises of Soil Moisture and Quality Measurement, Weather and Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Pest Management Tools.

Intelligent Ethernet Thermometers

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